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Thyroid Problems In Men

Male Thyroid Problems

Although it is most frequently associated with women, thyroid problems can affect people regardless of their gender. Both underactive and overactive thyroids can pose a health risk for men as well as women. Below you will find several of the symptoms that men may experience if they have a thyroid disorder.


Thyroid Problems In Men

While many men may find their feelings to be embarrassing and may try to hide them, thyroid conditions can cause changes in mood and even depression. If you are a man who finds yourself feeling more down than usual or depressed for no reason, you may suffer from a thyroid problem which should be addressed as soon as possible.

Other Mood Changes

Aside from being depressed, problems with the thyroid can also cause men to become irritable, anxious, and forgetful.

Sexual Problems

Not only do many men with thyroid problems struggle with embarrassing mood swings, but they may also be faced with sexual issues. Many men who have a thyroid condition may experience a low sex drive. Men who have sex may find themselves impotent or suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Changes In Weight

The thyroid has a lot to do with your body's metabolism, so men with a thyroid condition may either gain or lose weight, regardless of how much they are or are not eating. Men who are trying to diet may find that they continue to gain weight while those who snack on junk food continue to lose body mass.

Body Changes

Some men with a thyroid condition may experience unexpected body changes such as early graying of the hair, hair loss, muscle aches, weakness, and the inability to sleep at night even after feeling exhausted throughout the day. These symptoms may cause problems completing activities such as work, school, or sporting events.

If you believe that you may suffer from a thyroid condition, then you should be tested for your levels of TSH. From these test results, someone in the medical field will be able to tell you if you suffer from a thyroid condition and if your thyroid is over or underactive. There are some natural thyroid supplements which may be beneficial to you if you suffer from a thyroid condition. These natural products contain ingredients such as ginger, nori, adrenal powder, and wild oats, and help to bring your thyroid production to what it should be.

Men shouldn't have to suffer from the humiliating and problematic symptoms associated with a thyroid condition. If you recognize any of these symptoms as something that you experience in your own life, get your TSH levels checked as soon as possible so you can start on the natural road to recovery.

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